Intro to Mountaineering 4 Day Course

From: $650.00

We’re stoked to have you join us for our Mountaineering course!

On this awesome 4 DAY course over 2 WEEKENDS!

First two weekends of June:
1st & 2nd of June
8th & 9th of June

First two weekends of July:
6th & 7th of July
13th & 14th of July

First two weekends of August:
3rd & 4th of August
10th & 11th of Augus

First two weekends of September:
7th & 8th of September
14th & 15th of September

Use the calendar below to check available dates and book online…

Only the first date of the course is shown on the calendar, e.g. 1st June and 6th July

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